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inquire about catering
  • For events with 20 people or more, please text Melanie at 813-400-3836.
  • To pick-up platters or boxes from Fresh Factory, please call 727-290-6954.
  • 72 hour cancellation notice required (due to ordering personalized items for your unique event)
  • 20% gratuity is automatically included

Catering Styles

Brunch style

At Fresh Factory we offer a unique twist on the classic brunch experience. Our “Brunch Style” events are designed to bring people together over delicious food and drinks in a casual, laid-back atmosphere. Whether you’re looking for a fun outing with friends, or a new way to network with colleagues, our Brunch Style events are the perfect choice.

Charcuterie style

For those who prefer a more sophisticated dining experience, our Charcuterie Style events are the ideal choice. Indulge in an array of artisanal meats, cheeses, and accompaniments while sipping on handcrafted cocktails or fine wines. These events are perfect for special occasions or corporate gatherings.

Pickup Grazing Table

For a more casual option, our Pickup Grazing Tables are the perfect solution. These tables are filled with an assortment of delectable bites and treats that are perfect for any occasion. Whether you’re hosting a small gathering at home or need a quick catering option for an event, our Pickup Grazing Tables offer convenience and quality.

DIY Grazing Table

 If you’re feeling creative and want to add a personal touch to your event, our DIY Grazing Tables are the perfect choice. We provide all the ingredients and guidance for you to create your own unique grazing table. This option is great for team building events or parties where you want to get everyone involved.

Private Dinners

 At Fresh Factory, we also offer private dinner events that are perfect for intimate gatherings or special celebrations. Our chefs will work with you to create a customized menu that suits your preferences and dietary restrictions. Enjoy gourmet dishes in the comfort of our beautiful event space.

Small Bites Menu

Areas We Service

St Pete Beach

Treasure Island

Indian Rocks

Upham Beach

St Petersburg




Wesley Chapel



We can accommodate 20 - 30 people depending on your seating arrangement

We will work with you to provide custom food and beverages for your event

We can accommodate 20 - 30 people depending on your seating arrangement

Text Melanie at 813-400-3836 to discuss your party.

Types of Events

Beach picnics

Engagement parties



Softball / baseball

Baby shower

Wedding shower

Bridal shower

Bachelorette parties

Date nights

Graduation parties

Kids birthdays

School functions

Build-a-charcuterie board

DIY Grazing Table

Corporate meetings & team building events

Welcome packages

Thank you boxes

Corporate boxes

Brand boxes

Bouquet nights


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